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Travel Tips

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INSURANCE: Maranatha Tours strongly recommends the purchase of the Tour Protection Plan. It can save you time and money, and may help to ease your worries while traveling. This plan is affordably priced and provides valuable coverage for those unexpected events that can occur during your vacation, such as needing to cancel your trip due to covered reasons, lost baggage and unforeseen medical expenses.

PASSPORTS: TSA now requires specific information from your passport to be provided at the time your airline ticket is issued. You can click here to enter your passport information online and attach a copy of the passport.

PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES OR PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS: Tour participants who cannot move freely about and require assistance must be accompanied by a helper who is responsible to give assistance. A tour host or other members cannot be expected to assist.

TIPS AND TAXES: If you have been overseas, you know that tipping is an integral part of travel. While all service charges are included in the tour price, additional tipping is so customary that tipping levels are approved by some departments of tourism. Hotels, guides, bus drivers, restaurants, etc., all expect a tip. This is an All Inclusive tour so the tips are already included in the tour price. 

SERVICES AVAILABLE VOLTAGE: The voltage overseas is generally 220v-50 cycle AC, while in the U.S. it is 110v-60 cycle. If you use an electric razor, hairdryer or curler, be sure you have a 1500-watt converter with adapter plugs.

HEALTHY TRAVELING MEDICATIONS: If you require any special medications, we suggest that you carry them along with you in their original prescription containers. Not all brands of medicine are available overseas. Illness can be caused by overindulging in tree- or vine-ripened fruits, or by drinking too much water containing salt or minerals to which you are not accustomed. Have your doctor prescribe a diarrhea remedy before you leave.

ABOUT THE FOOD: Meals will be delicious and more than ample. Although most meals are American foods, part of the adventure of traveling abroad is trying the cuisine of other countries. For those under doctors care and requiring a special diet, we will request this service from the airlines and hotels if given sufficient notice. However, Maranatha Tours cannot be held responsible if the request is not fulfilled. Water served at the table in the hotels we use is considered safe. Bottled water, coffee, tea and soft drinks are always available at a supplemental charge at lunch and dinner.

PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES: Film is available overseas for most cameras; however, it is double or triple the cost, so we recommend you purchase an adequate supply before leaving. That will include Memory Cards, and Photographic equipment should be purchased from a reliable store in your area and should be fresh stock, since the pictures you will take cannot be replaced. Be sure to bring your charging dock and extra batteries.

ABOUT MONEY FOREIGN EXCHANGE: Currency exchange rates fluctuate, so check exchange rates in major daily newspapers from time to time. DO NOT change American dollars into foreign currency except upon arrival in each foreign country. We recommend carrying 50 single dollar bills because they are acceptable in most foreign countries and, in the event of needing small local change, you will not end up with excessive local currency. Money should be exchanged only at banks or by the hotel cashier - they are the only ones authorized to do this. Most of the countries you visit will accept credit cards.

WATCH THAT BAGGAGE: The airlines allow you to check two pieces with a combined linear dimension not over 107 inches. No piece may exceed 62 inches (length + width + height) in size, nor 50 pounds in weight on transatlantic flights. Care must be taken here, however, since flights between overseas cities allow only 44 pounds total combined weight per person. The one carry-on piece allowed may not exceed a linear dimension of 45 inches, and must be able to fit under the seat. A briefcase or camera bag may be considered a carry-on by the airlines. Suitcases should be sturdy and locked with keys or combinations. Bring an extra key for each case and keep it separate from your regular set. Be sure all bags are clearly identified with baggage tags attached securely inside and outside showing your name, home address, and tour group. Attach special Maranatha Tours baggage labels for easy group identification. We strongly suggest that EACH PERSON TAKE ONE SUITCASE due to the LIMITED STORAGE SPACE on the motorcoaches. Any porterage included in your tour price has been based on one piece per person. You may be have to move your own luggage during the tour, so be sure it's not too heavy! Tipping for handling any additional pieces will be the responsibility of the individual (including any carryon luggage not personally handled throughout the tour) and this surcharge should be given to your tour host before leaving the States. Additional fees or surcharges are the responsibility of the passenger and needs to be paid upon check-in.

ACCOMMODATIONS: A. SINGLE SUPPLEMENT: As with most tours, the cost is based on double occupancy in a twin-bedded room. If you desire a single room, please advise Maranatha Tours. You will be invoiced according to the supplemental charge as shown under Terms and Conditions of the brochure. B. ROOM ASSIGNMENT: When your spouse is not traveling with you and you have someone else with whom you wish to room, please notify us so we can make out the room list accordingly. Unless a single room is requested, we assign rooms according to receipt of the initial deposit. It is imperative to get your request in as soon as possible, since last-minute deposits may result in an involuntary single accommodation; in this case you will be assessed the normal single supplement as stated in the brochure's Terms and Conditions. C. TRIPLE ROOM
ACCOMMODATIONS: The size of the rooms in some hotels may not warrant triple accommodations. Wherever practical, however, this will be provided upon request.

COMING HOME: CUSTOMS: As your jet nears New York or other gateway city, your flight attendant will pass out official customs declaration forms. You must declare ALL articles purchased abroad and in your possession if they exceed $400 - $1,200 per person depending on the country. While overseas, you may mail gifts valued under a certain dollar amount to relatives and friends in the U.S. as long as the packages do not contain tobacco, liquor, or perfume with alcohol. You can mail as many of these gifts as you like, as long as you do not mail more than one per day to any individual. Mark each package with "Unsolicited Gift." DO NOT list these purchases in your declaration. Merchandise acquired abroad must accompany you if it is to be included in your duty-free exemption. Immediately after landing, proceed to the Immigration Department, where your passport is checked and stamped to allow you to reenter the U.S. If you are taking expensive foreign-made cameras or jewelry on your trip, the customs officers may want you to include those items with your purchases on reentry - this is where your having registered these items before departure really pays off! One more tip: Since customs officers may examine your gifts, you will avoid having elaborate wrappings torn open if you loosen the ribbons and wrappings yourself before packing.

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