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Maranatha Tours brings you to the Holy Lands. Take a look at our coming schedule of hosted tours to the Holy Land, pilgrimages and cruises including trips leaving from Houston, Seattle, Phoenix, Atlanta, San Antonio, Austin and New York.

Visit the Holy Land as well as Rome/Italy, Egypt, Innsbruck, Austria and Germany!

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Hosted Tours to the Holy Lands 2014-2015

Maranatha Tours brings you to the Holy Lands. Take a look at our coming schedule of hosted tours to the Holy Land, pilgrimages and cruises.

Maranatha Tours. The experience is that understanding the geographic history in Bible times actually help make anyone a quick evaluation of Biblical facts about places. People sometimes develop a better understanding because they make a picture of in the mind. A talented guide will explain clearly the important facts of each historical places.

As you read the information about Athens you will discover even more about Paul on how the spreading of God's word not only to the Jews but to the heathen Gentiles as well. Much of what you know today on how the Athens residents were idol worshipers by the evidences of historic architectural structure and how certainly they accept Paul and his companion to worship them as their gods. The people were sensitive to the miracles portrayed by Paul and responsive to their calling in a wrongly manner by treating them with adoration to their gods. On the other hand, the place of Holy Land focus more on the life of Jesus and His ministry. By describing God's word and the Holy land, the sacrificial life of Christ is letting everybody know that life is worthwhile because God has given His only son Jesus Christ to died once and for all. The country of Egypt, as part of the package of the Holy land tours, plays an important role in the life of the Israelites. When Moses was born in Egypt, he eventually freed his people from slavery with the help of God. The word Egypt was mentioned over 600 times in the Bible.

Once the Bible cruise experience is being understood, it will give the confidence to create a deeper relationship to Christ and to behave the way God designed for His children. Some situations make you feel to move out of the comfort zone, adapt the way to relate to Christ and be more spiritually successful. The investment and expenses made in each of the major Biblical attractions is worth more than Gold.

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