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Give NOW to the LOVEFIRST Disaster Relief fund as we love the city of HOUSTON in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.
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BYM BAGS: Because You Matter Bags
Helping the Helpless, Heart for the Homeless, and sharing the Love of Jesus - One BYM Bag at a time. We want to let everyone know they matter to us and especially to Jesus. He died on the cross because they matter. We have the opportunity - every single day - of sowing seeds into the lives of others, such as the homeless on the street, and even to our friends, co-workers, children, grandchildren, and yes, even strangers. God takes what you plant and adds to it. He leads others to sow further seed or "water" the ground. Little by little, truth gets cultivated in their lives. What greater thing could you do?
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Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation
Bethlehem is the birthplace of our Lord. Today, it is a city that has many needs, but none more for the children of the city. One of our partners, Mr. Hani Abu Dayyeh, has been involved with the Bethlehem hospital for many years. This is a place for a financial investment that will pay back in spiritual reward.
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Helios with Woodrow Kroll
Kim and Liz saw a need to help orphans here and abroad. This is a ministry that never has enough money. They could always bring or take one more. A great spiritual investment.
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