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July 23, 2020 BY Gregreilly

Travel with Confidence Christian Guided Tour of Italy

Travel with Confidence Christian Guided Tour of Italy -  We will Travel Again - Set up or Sign up for your tour of the Holy Land today.

Garden of Gethsemane Israel Tour Maranatha Tours

Travel with Purpose - Travel with Confidence Christian Guided Tour of Italy Maranatha Tours


Seeing ITALY in 2021 with Evangelical and Protestant eyes....


I...Imagine Paul's thoughts on his journey as you walk along the Appian Way


T...Touch the actual stones where Paul was imprisoned at Mamertime Prison


A...Access the very roots of your own Christian faith and strengthen your own


L...Learn how the context of daily life in the Roman Empire affected Paul's words to us


Y...Yield to the emotions evoked on the very spots fellow Christians were persecuted


Maranatha Tours Rome has curated some very special itineraries in Italy that demonstrate why this country provides a powerful and tangible connection to your own faith. Off the beaten track experiences that will enhance your understanding of our Christian faith and allow you to see Italy not only for its amazing cultural impact on Western civilization and stunning landscapes, but as a source of inspiration for our own faith as we, like Paul, travel some difficult roads in our modern day life.

Maranatha Tours Inc.

Maranatha Tours put the years of experience it had gained in developing and operating meaningful tours and experiences in the Holy Land to work here in Italy.  We brought professional guides and trainers from Israel to train local guides and escorts how to be more sensitive to the needs of Evangelical and Protestant groups and how best to present the sites from that perspective as opposed to the Catholic/Cultural one that is standard in Italy.  Since then we have presented two more study groups and utilized the knowledge we have gained from listening to our own clients in order to fine-tune the itineraries and the experience we offer our clients. We are convinced this is an important step forward in both the experience of modern Christians and their critical spiritual development. Now, more than ever, Christians need to understand the message and ministry of the New Testament – and all of it was written in the context of the Roman world and to its citizenry. Though the aim of the Epistles was nothing less than to reach the world, but its perspective was specifically Roman


Come join us!  As Paul said in Acts 19:21 “I MUST SEE ROME”



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