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Travel Tips


Watch That Baggage


The airlines allow you to check 1 piece with a combined linear dimension not over 62 inches. No piece may exceed 62 inches (length + width + height) in size, nor 50 pounds in weight on transatlantic flights. Care must be taken here, however, since flights between overseas cities allow only 44 pounds total combined weight per person. The one carry-on piece allowed may not exceed a linear dimension of 45 inches, and must be able to fit under the seat. A briefcase or camera bag may be considered a carry-on by the airlines. Suitcases should be sturdy and if using locks they need to be TSA approved or will be cut off. Bring an extra key for each case and keep it separate from your regular set. Be sure all bags are clearly identified with baggage tags attached securely inside and outside showing your name, home address, and tour group. Attach special Maranatha Tours baggage labels for easy group identification. We strongly suggest that EACH PERSON TAKE ONE SUITCASE due to the LIMITED STORAGE SPACE on the motor coaches. Any porterage included in your tour price has been based on one piece per person. You may be have to move your own luggage during the tour, so be sure it’s not too heavy! Tipping for handling any additional pieces will be the responsibility of the individual (including any carry on luggage not personally handled throughout the tour) and this surcharge should be given to your tour host before leaving the States. Additional fees or surcharges are the responsibility of the passenger and needs to be paid upon check-in.





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