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Pilgrimage Tours to the Holy Lands

Maranatha Tours has been providing our clients with the most comprehensive and awe-inspiring tours of the Holy Land and other locations of Christian significance for over 35 years. From Genesis to Revelation, you get to see the sights and visit all of the Holy places that comprise the rich historical tradition of the Christian Faith. We offer extremely affordable pricing on all of our tour packages, with a wide range of options and amenities to fit your particular needs.

For Pastors and other Church organizations, visit our Pastor Pages to learn about our Co-hosted and Consolidated tour options for your group. For a sneak peek, check out the MTI Travel Channel for some amazing video footage of our tours and travels. We also share our experience in the Travel Tips section, complete with exchange rates, security procedures and so much more. For more information on your next Maranatha Tour, call us today at 800-545-5533 or email us at, and get ready for the tour of a lifetime!

The Holy Land Walk
Where Jesus Walked

The Seven Churches of The
Revelation In TURKEY


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