Travel Tips

COVID-19 Information

When you’re ready to visit the bible lands, we’re ready to take you there.

Our goal is to bringour travelers to amazing biblical destinations around the globe. In doing so, the health and safety of our guests, employees, and travel partners is our chief concern. We have implemented new guidelines and safety procedures based on recommendations from national and international health organizations as well as our in-country suppliers.

While we cannot eliminate all risks, these enhanced health and safety procedures before, during, and after your trip will allow us to provide an enjoyable and safe vacation experience for all.

Travel Requirements and Recommendations

Waiver of Liability
All travelers are required to self-certify that they are healthy and fit to travel. Tour participants must complete and sign our waiver of liability prior to joining the tour. By signing this waiver, you acknowledge your decision to travel is voluntary, assume personal responsibility for your own health, and agree to help protect the well-being of others including your fellow travelers, Maranatha Toursstaff and our travel partners and suppliers in each country. You can view or download our waiver here.

Travel Insurance
Maranatha Tours Inc. strongly recommends that all travelers purchase a travel protection plan to cover all non-refundable trip expenses, trip delays and interruptions with return transportation and a medical evacuation policy. If you would like to view the Travelex policy visit or give them a call at 844-877-1879 and reference plan #356A-0920. “Travel insurance which covers Covid 19 is being required by most countries as a condition to being allowed into the country.“

Travel Restrictions
Please note that it is your responsibility to understand the requirements specific to your travel destination(s) as well as to your home state. We have provided links to some important travel resources below, which will provide guidance on current protocols and travel restrictions.

Reliable travel information can also be found on official government, state and/or tourism board websites. We recommend that you check the sites for your specific destination(s) -don't forget to check your own state's requirements for your return from your trip.

Traveling Safe Together

While specific requirements will vary based on each countries guideline, we are working closely with our suppliers and destination partners to verify their cleanliness and hygiene policies and procedures throughout all of our tours. The following are aspects of your trip experience where you will notice we are traveling safer together.

Air Travel Protocol
Specific protocols and expectations for air travel vary by airline, but standard protocols in place typically include flight attendants and guests being required to wear face masks, sanitizing all surfaces between flights, minimizing traditional in-flight service amenities, and physical distancing. Please visit your airline’s website or contact them directly for specific information.

International Airlines

Air Canada Airlines

Alitalia Airlines

Alaska Air

British Airways



KLM Airlines

Lufthansa Airlines

Qantas Airlines

Turkish Airlines

Domestic Airlines

American Airlines

Delta Airlines

Frontier Airlines


Southwest Airlines

United Airlines

On Transportation: All motor coaches are subject to regular cleaning procedures and daily maintenance.

In Accommodations: We have verified that all the properties included in our itineraries have introduced cleanliness standards and disinfecting procedures for hotel rooms and common areas alike.

At Touring Sites: Our partners, in compliance with local guidelines, have made modifications as needed so travelers are able to remain socially distant while enjoying the activity or attraction.

Group Programs: Additionally, we have implemented changes so travelers on our escorted programs are able to travel safe together, specifically:

  • Hand sanitizer available throughout the tour
  • Enhanced sanitation and sterilization procedures
  • Health and safety training for all Guides
  • Health self-certification required for all travelers

Since policies vary from country to country and can change at any time, travelers will receive a summary of safety procedures and requirements customized to their specific touras part of their travel documents.

What is Expected of You

We've taken steps to prepare for Traveling Safe Together, but when it comes to maintaining a safe and healthy journey, there are a few things that we will require of you to ensure you wellness as well as that of your fellow travelers.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Use of face coverings is required on all flights and on the motor coach as well as throughout many sites while on your tour. You are responsible for providing your own PPE. We recommend that you bring, at minimum, a reusablemask, or sufficient disposable masks to last your tour. You may bring any other personal PPE as you feel necessary.

Physical Distancing
Protocols are employed to ensure adequate social distancing on transportation and during sightseeing and excursions for all trips as well as during meals. We ask that you please be considerate of others and do your best to maintain at least 6-feet between yourself and others.

Individual hygiene We encourage all travelers to engage in frequent handwashing and liberal use of hand sanitizer, especially when hand washing is not an option.

Self-health monitoring
If you feel ill and/or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please do not travel. If you feel unwell while traveling, please notify your Guide.