What our passengers are saying.

Best trip ever! Best tour host ever! We saw everything that mattered. Foteh is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and pleasurable! I will never read the Bible the same. Don't hesitate...GO!

Dan Davis (Pastor Steve Dusek Group)

First class all the way. Coordination, communication, buses, hotels, food, bus driver and tour guide - all excellent! Highly recommended.

Gregg Stopher (Dr. Scott Preissler Group)

I have been touring the Holy Land for almost 20 years now and have contracted a number of tour agencies over the years. My favorite to date, is Maranatha Tours. Greg Reilly and Jennifer were extra helpful on this particular trip - completed just days ago.

From the start of our planning a year ago to end of visit, we were assured that we had chosen the best tour operator. Maranatha Tours was very responsive to our traveller's questions ahead of the trip and our pre-planning was the best we have experienced.

On the tour itself, we were in ready communication with Maranatha Tours. The experience and service was unequalled in my tour leadership history. We are already putting together tours for 25, 26 and beyond and we will use Maranatha for each one.

Dr. Scott Preissler, Ph.D., MS.Ed., M.A.
8 time Israel / Jordan Theological Tour Leader

Dr. Scott Preissler

Jane & Paul are the best people to go to Israel with. Fantastic tours & made to feel like family even when gone on my own. Love Israel, especially Galilee. Ron beach hotel in Tiberius was great, all rooms face Galilee & wonderful sunrises. Walking where Jesus walked has changed my life, opened up my Bible & imagine myself there now when reading His word. Can’t wait to go for the 4th time!

Carol McGurn

I had a wonderful time of fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ. The tour was well organized and planned.

Walter Nelson (Jimmy Long Group)

Our group (Bill Rudge) just came back from the Holy Land tour to Israel today April 26. It was the most amazing trip I've ever been on. Our tour guide (Gila) was a world of information and made sure we saw everything. The hotels were great as was the food, not to mention the promptness and skill of our bus driver Rajah. Thank you Maranatha for making my Israeli trip so memorable and special.

Emma Weingartner (Rev. Bill Rudge Group)
Karen Lang (Larry & Joyce Helyer Group)

Wow!! What an AMAZING experience. Way beyond what I expected. I have so much to process still from all I learned and saw. I’m sure glad I kept a journal! Before we even left, Jennie was super at coordinating everything we needed and answering questions. Our hosts, Dale and Shirley were fabulous. Elias, our guide, was so knowledgeable and easy to learn from. Our bus driver, Tom, was super friendly and a skilled driver. And all the people on our tour were so friendly. I have lots of new friends and I want to return to Israel! I highly recommend Marantha. Our days were packed with several stops and everything was so well organized. Hotels and food were excellent. And I loved having all expenses paid up front so I could just enjoy every single moment. While picking a favorite experience is hard, I would have to say the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, the time in the area of the trail from Nazareth to Capernaum and the empty tomb were highlights for me. Oh and just for the fun of it, floating in the Dead Sea was pretty neat. And…now that I’ve selected a few highlights, I want to add another three things. Haha!

Amy Barnett (Dale and Shirley Keffer Group)

Mind blowing and life changing. Sitting on a fence about taking this trip??? DO IT!!!

Carol Flaitz / Dr. Bryan Widbin Group

WOW, let’s get past the great history we saw. The Spiritual portion was so great. We saw what Jesus saw and experienced his life first hand. It was a rich and rewarding experience. Our guide was so knowledgeable and friendly. Our bus driver was so good at what he did. We truly had an experience of a lifetime.

Joseph Peck / Pure Heart Chruch

Was one of the best trips I have ever been on! Love it and can't wait to go back again! Our tour hosts were fantastic and our tour guide was amazing! Thanks Maranatha for another great adventure in the Holy Land! This was my second trip with Maranatha.

Glen Hearell (Ricky & Denise Cason Group)

Even though it rained (A real blessing in Israel) we saw every location on our itinerary and even a few extra stops. Elias Salfity was an excellent choice for a guide and his narrative throughout the tour made "Walking in the footsteps of Jesus" touch each of our hearts in special ways.

Robert Gallagher / Bob Gallagher Group

This trip was amazing! Every day was packed with walking places where Jesus walked, beginning in the Sea of Galilee and ending in Jerusalem. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and a Christian himself to really make the connections between Old and New Testaments. The weather wasn’t great but he did a super job of rearranging stops/days so we weren’t walking outside for long times on the rainiest days and we didn’t miss arrears due to flash flooding or high water. I loved this trip!

Linda Pritchard / Bob Gallagher Group

Fantastic itinerary, wonderful tour guide, good company, comfortable accommodations and delicious food.  We were especially thankful to Maranatha travel for providing the fish lunch we enjoyed on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.  Israel is a must-see for anyone wanting to really experience the land where Jesus walked and taught.  The experience truly brings the geography of the Gospels to life.  A wonderful experience overall.  Thanks Pastor Steve and Tami, and Maranatha Tours for a well-planned and well-executed trip of a lifetime.

Greg Moore (Israel Pastor Steve & Tami Ingram group)

It was our second trip therefore we learned more faster.  The guides were absolutely great.  The spirituality was at its max. Jim Gilley’s experience kept everyone together and relaxed.  

The group fit like a glove. The carefree and relaxed atmosphere was perfect. The rooms were all 4 star the food was 10 star. Something/plenty of everything regardless of your diet preference or restriction.

It was a great experience.  I can not imagine the cost of such a trip could/would be enough to cover all of the trip.  We had only to let go and flow.  From airport pick up to airport drop off. 

God bless maranatha, Jim and Camille and the guides. 

Howard and Susan Scoggins. 

Howard & Susan Scroggins (Pastor Jim Gilley Group)

I toured both Jordan & Israel. I enjoyed my tours. I took > than 750 pictures. My most enjoyable experience was to tour Qumran, the Garden Tomb and Peter in Gallicantu. I which I could have toured the Church in Cana, Pater Noster (The Lord's Prayer), and the Ascension Church/Mosque. Perhaps Maranatha could either extend the tour by one more day or permit people on the tour to have one day to see desired sites not included on the scheduled tour

Claudester Stephens Israel Tour

This was a trip of a lifetime. More than I even had hoped. Our guide Malcolm was terrific and one of the most educated and informational people I have ever run across. The food was spectacular. The accommodations were great. Each day was filled with wonderful sites and a look back in history. Some of my favorite moments were the times we were singing in churches or the Shepherd's cave, the Sea of Galilee boat ride, communion at the garden tomb and the Holocaust museum. Having a rededication of my baptism in the Jordan River was a memorable experience. If I would have changed anything it would have been had to have more time at the museum as there was so much to see there. I also loved going to the marketplace and experiencing what life is like for people who live there. Thank you for the wonderful experience and I have been sharing it with all I am coming in contact with. Everything was well planned and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Jean Marie Stockton (Pastor Steve Engram Group)

I toured both Jordan & Israel. I enjoyed  my tours. I took > than 750 pictures. My most enjoyable experience was to tour Qumran, the Garden Tomb and Peter in  Gallicantu. I which I could have toured the Church in Cana, Pater Noster (The Lord's Prayer), and the Ascension Church/Mosque. Perhaps Maranatha could either extend the tour by one more day or permit people on the tour to have one day to see  
desired sites not included on the scheduled tour  

Maranatha Tours October Fixed Israel Group (Claudester Stephens)

We had an awesome life-changing experience. The tour schedule was packed which we loved in order to get as much out of it as possible.  Our guide was very knowledgeable although often had a unique perspective as a Palestinian Christian. The motels and food were terrific! We would recommend anyone to go!

Todd Neuschwander Group Israel (Daryl Petersheim)

The was awesome, the guides were very knowledgeable,and   The sights were mind blowing. It was an experience that I will never forget. The green group were fun and enjoyable to spend time with. I met so very friendly people that made the day fun. The walking was a little hard because I have back and leg problems but I was able to sit and catch up with the group with no problems. I have recommended this tour to everyone that I talk too.

Patricia Palmer Maranatha Tours October Fixed Departure

Greetings! Our first big first tours with Maranatha was an awesome experienced! Our tours was an "action-packed" and our tour guides are very informative , beyond my expectations! My groups had so much fun and lively everywhere we go????.. Thank you Maranatha for a great jobs! We will surely cone back for more travels❣️

Maranatha Tours October Fixed Israel Group (Rita Calara))

This was a bucket list trip for me and it was everything I expected it to be. Our tour hosts Shay and Terri went out of their way to make sure we were well taken care of. I’m 82 years old and they made sure I knew the severity of each tour and for the two short ones me and a few other older women chose not to do, they kept us company and provided for us. The tour guides were excellent Yassar was tops in his knowledge of Egypt and his green flag was very much appreciated. That would be a great help if all the guides had flags for their bus color. It made it so easy to spot him in the crowds . The hotels were excellent, the food spreads were gigantic, but the spices were a little too much for me, so I ate light. I would like to thank Amos our Israel guide for his passion for the land and his desire to make sure we didn’t get caught up in the commercialization, but saw and understood the proven sites where our Saviour Jesus actually was either there or in the vicinity. He was a little long winded at times but it was all good. Our Jordan guide, Omar, knew the Bible and explained the sites very well. However, there were long periods of silence on the bus when we went through various towns, it would have been nice if he had given us some information on those tows and people. The days were very long, because there was so much to see, however, one or two shorter days, maybe eliminating some OT sites in Israel, would allow more time to mediate and soak in all we were seeing.

My favorites were the pyramids, Petra, sailing on the Sea of Galilee, the praise and worship service there was awesome; getting baptized in the Jordan river, quiet time in the garden of gethsemane, Masada and Amoses’ tour and expansion of the Temple Mt and the Western Wall to us. Oh almost forgot my camel ride. I laughed so hard, to keep from crying for fear, lol. There are some things you should only do once, camel riding is one of them lol. The people on the green bus were fantastic. We all became “ family” right off. Hopefully I’ve made friends forever.

Brenda Slaughter-Scott (Maranatha Tours Fixed Departure Group)

Oh my goodness, it is almost impossible to pick out my favorite site, I loved hear and following the Bible. Malcom provide us with so much information, I loved the western wall, Mount Olive, the Garden of Getsimine , the Garden tomb, Via del Arosa , the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, Masada  the cable car ride , there was just so much we did and saw,  Malcolm knows his Bible and history , the hotels were beautiful, the bus and Raja the bus driver was great and very accommodating, this was a trip of a life time and I would highly recommend your tour company.  Thank you so very much in everything you did to make our trip Memorable, I will never forget all we saw and learned.

Pastor Loren & Linda Hicks Group (Nancy Walker)

I had the best time in Israel, a big thank you for everything you did to make this experience happen. I enjoyed the food, the flavors were so intense. Got to ride a camel, visit Jesus tomb, pray at the wailing wall. There are so many memories that will stay with me forever, specially getting baptized in the Jordan River. The boat ride on the Sea of Galilee was amazing.

Pastor Loren & Linda Hicks Group (Lori Gilstrap)

Where do I start?  My husband and I were on the blue bus and we were blessed to have Malcom as our tour guide!  What an encyclopedia of knowledge in one man!! I loved this man. Best tour guide ever for bringing the Bible to life, the history, the culture, the language, etc!!

Our all time favorite lunch was the Bethlehem  pre-made, super delicious and highly efficient feeding of falafels to our group. Best lunch ever!!

The ultimate memory was watching, experiencing and remembering the massive waves on the Sea of Galilee. Crazy 12-14’ waves!!  We were at the right place at the right time!  

Kudos to your suggestion to bring lots of $1’s.  We went through a lot of them. Best tip ever. 

So glad we closed with Petra.  It was so visual and moving.  At that point in our tour, our auditory capacity was overflowing!!

Our days were packed, many of them lasting 12 + hours. As Malcolm explained,” I’d rather give you too much than not enough!”  However, it would have been nice to have a few hours of free time (end one day at 3pm) to walk around Jerusalem, shop, eat at a local place, talk with locals, etc.  Or, just to have down time away from the group to process everything we had learned. 

This was a physical and mental informational overload trip. I was  concerned about the older folks in our groups who were having trouble sleeping, walking all day, taking all the steps and eating foreign foods. This should probably be disclosed a bit more in your packets. Oh, the tunnel filled with water we could not take because we did not understand it was 3’ deep and you needed water shoes.  If we had only known! More disclosure in that too, please!    

Barb and Jim Mcgeough 

Barb and Jim Mcgeough