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What our customers are saying.

Dear Maranatha Tours,
We just wanted to mention our appreciation to Maranatha Tours that we are very satisfied with our 10 Day Tour of Jordan and The Holy Land. We are grateful for Tareq (in operations) and Rami (our tour guide) in Jordan. They did a terrific job in making the first part of our tour a success.
We also want to extend further recognition and appreciation for our Israel tour guide Foteh Mickel on our first Holy Land tour. With Foteh’s ; knowledge, love and respect of bible scripture, Holy Land and local Christian community; Ability to manage a VERY diverse (and sometimes difficult) group; respect for the overall Maranatha agenda. He fulfilled every detail beyond our expectations.
By knowing the right times to visit certain places (so we wouldn’t wait in line for hours) Foteh’s time management skills and professional attitude allowed us to learn so much while being spiritually enlightened more than we could possibly imagine. Thank you Foteh for making this not just a tour but a TRUE pilgramage.
We are very grateful for a positive and memorable experience.


Scott and Nancy Blackwood
Nashville, TN
September 26, 2019

Scott and Nancy Blackwood
September 2019

Hello, we are the Sweats who were on the Holy Land Tour with Pastor Brian Price May 13-22

Greetings from Tennessee and many thanks for taking such good care of us when our flight to Istanbul was delayed causing us the need to stay in Turkey 2 extra nights.  We were quite tired and stressed but your company turned it all into a blessing

By entertaining us you provided a service for which we are most grateful.

The tour bus and guide you provided us with did a great job showing us the beautiful city of Istanbul

with lots of historical attractions. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness. That’s why Maranatha was recommended to us and that’s why we’ll choose Maranatha for future travels.

Jerry and Jettie Sue Sweat
May 2019
Shelley J. Quinn testimonial

Hello Shay,

I trust you are doing well, and that you and your loved ones are enjoying this holiday season. I wanted to take a moment to write you and the Maranatha Tours team a note, on behalf of myself and my mother, to say THANK YOU!

Thank you so very much allowing us the incredible privilege of taking this trip to Israel; it was absolutely life changing. There were so many great memories and moments that edified our faith in Christ that it would take me a book to write them all down. Again, thank you.

I also want to say that you have an amazing staff, both states side and in Israel. From the initial contact and trip reservation, to the time we arrived back home. We felt safe, cared for, and always well tended to with incredible excellence and professionalism. I already have, and will continue to recommend Maranatha Tours to anybody who ever wants to take a trip to the Holy Land. And at some point in the future, I look forward to going back with a group of friends so they can also have this amazing experience.

So once again, and from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! May the Lord continue to bless you, your team, and your entire company in multiplied ways!

Merry Christmas,

Shelley J. Quinn

Dear Maranatha Tours,
I would like to Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime as the Israel tour we just returned from was Excellent in so many ways.
After we signed up and we received our Itinerary, we gathered a group of ladies from our church, split up the sites and did an in depth study through the bible on each one. We came together every 2 weeks for 5 months to complete each location we were to visit. The study included videos from all over, including Joel Kramer, Previous Maranatha tours and much more. We also attended the 4 (missed one due to a change in weather) classes Eric held and two of the evenings with Joel when he was in SLC, and at our churches. We also purchased Jodi Magness’ Great Course series. I believed we were Over Studied and wouldn’t get much out of the trip. Boy, were we wrong. The sites we saw, the history, current events, language, politics, religions, archeology, our Jewish speaker… so much more information we couldn’t have gotten any other way. We were a happy, well informed group.
The Prep work, the 50 day Prayer and study guide we also did, and, seriously, praying for each person and all of our circumstances each day was a blessing, I believe that every day was blessed because of our prayers.
The concern of both Eric and Bill for each of us, at each site, gathering as much information as possible, the concern of the knowledge from our tour guide, Andre and the expert handling of the bus by Azam was beyond all expectations. I have gone on tours like this previously. I have also put tours together for our private travels, our Harley travelers, and many people coming to stay in our home from around the country, and the world. Being seasoned, I understand the behind the scenes work it takes.
The professionalism of each person during the trip, the individual and corporate care was obvious and unlike any other trip I have experienced. Just, WOW.
We thank you for the opportunity to pray, to worship, to do devotionals, to have baptisms, to eat good food, sleep in nice beds and for overall taking care of a large group with love and In His Name.
God Bless,

Sue and Craig Stahle

We recently returned home from the tour to Israel. My wife and I took the tour in 2016 to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Best choice ever, even beats out all cruises. We signed up our pastor and his wife to go with another 12 people. We were just going to be coordinating hosts to send our friends on the experience we had already taken. Well, it turns out that we joined them in hopes that they would not only enjoy the trip but renew their views on the biblical history at hand. They were not disappointed.

The trip started off with the flights on Turkish Air. The planes were clean and the food was good. No complaints there. We had the best bus(es) and best and cautious driver(s). The hotel accommodations were great choices and they had wonderful buffets with new choices that most were not used to. We all took advantage of trying new things.

Malcolm Cartier, the supreme guide of Maranatha Tours could not be better. So much detail. At each stop he would read the pertinent scripture and give us a history lesson of each site. The days were filled with much more than one could absorb. Still, without his lessons and knowledge we would be just looking at a site with nothing to compare it with. I can’t go into detail of each day without doing Malcolm’s job. You need to find out yourself. As each day is planned as per the brochure, you can look up each site yourself before going or just discover each day one at a time.
A boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, a cable car ride to Masada, floating in the Dead Sea, visiting the Western Wall, seeing King David’s Tomb, entering the Garden Tomb, walk the Via Dolorosa. Just a smidgen of what is in store for you.

Shay is my go to person who can not be beat on coordinating everything from stepping on the first flight to stepping of the final flight home. She helped me so much in hosting from my home church to signing up the new travelers. Can’t say enough about her as she goes the extra mile register even late comers before the cut-off date. If I get the chance to host a group again someday Shay will always be my go to girl. I can’t forget the extended help from Terri and Nancy who helped get things started and to help fill in the blanks when questions arise from new travelers.

To sum it up, if you’re going to take any Holy Land Tour, Maranatha is the way to go.

David & Sue Corrasa
May 2016 & May 2018