What our passengers are saying.

I toured both Jordan & Israel. I enjoyed  my tours. I took > than 750 pictures. My most enjoyable experience was to tour Qumran, the Garden Tomb and Peter in  Gallicantu. I which I could have toured the Church in Cana, Pater Noster (The Lord's Prayer), and the Ascension Church/Mosque. Perhaps Maranatha could either extend the tour by one more day or permit people on the tour to have one day to see  
desired sites not included on the scheduled tour  

Maranatha Tours October Fixed Israel Group (Claudester Stephens)

Oh my goodness, it is almost impossible to pick out my favorite site, I loved hear and following the Bible. Malcom provide us with so much information, I loved the western wall, Mount Olive, the Garden of Getsimine , the Garden tomb, Via del Arosa , the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, Masada  the cable car ride , there was just so much we did and saw,  Malcolm knows his Bible and history , the hotels were beautiful, the bus and Raja the bus driver was great and very accommodating, this was a trip of a life time and I would highly recommend your tour company.  Thank you so very much in everything you did to make our trip Memorable, I will never forget all we saw and learned.

Pastor Loren & Linda Hicks Group (Nancy Walker)

I had the best time in Israel, a big thank you for everything you did to make this experience happen. I enjoyed the food, the flavors were so intense. Got to ride a camel, visit Jesus tomb, pray at the wailing wall. There are so many memories that will stay with me forever, specially getting baptized in the Jordan River. The boat ride on the Sea of Galilee was amazing.

Pastor Loren & Linda Hicks Group (Lori Gilstrap)

I don’t know where to start, I want to say thank you from small to big work, planing and organizing, from single to groups well done and I very much appreciate it. 

      In my life there are so many blessings that I take accountable for, I came from Eritrea as a lottery winner to United States of America and now I am an American citizen going as tourist to the Holy land with amazing pastors and American people which is an amazing blessing in my lifetime.

 There is nothing I can compare from hotels to places and devotions every day that I had. God is good, he blessed us with a lot of memories and teachings that stay forever in my brain, May God bless the people that keep the Bible story alive and my wishes to generations to know about the amazing bible story.

Sincerely, Nighisti

Sincerely, Nighisti


The entire tour was amazing, and the tour guide, Malcome Cartier, super amazing…!!!

All of the tour was a Life-Changing experience… However the most impactful was when we went under the Rabbi’s Tunnel and were below  the Holy of Holies and a group of women were praying… Just not praying, but virtually in tears praying, I could feel them praying as I walked by slowly.  I took a picture in my heart because I wanted to never forget them praying.  I told myself, I want to learn how to pray like that… As I walked by, I could feel God’s presence, see his face, and hear his voice…

While on the sea of Galilee, I couldn’t believe how still and calm and beautiful the lake was and I could not fathom 15-foot waves like in the ocean… At 2:00 AM, I heard loud howling noises and when I looked out my room window in Tiberias, the trees were sideways, the waives were 15-feet high like a hurricane ocean on the east coast… The lake no longer looked like Lake Tahoe, but the Pacific or Atlantic ocean…

We ate a fish whole from the sea of Galilee, I’ve never done that… After being on the Sea and signing and praising…

In Christ,



Where do I start?  My husband and I were on the blue bus and we were blessed to have Malcom as our tour guide!  What an encyclopedia of knowledge in one man!! I loved this man. Best tour guide ever for bringing the Bible to life, the history, the culture, the language, etc!!

Our all time favorite lunch was the Bethlehem  pre-made, super delicious and highly efficient feeding of falafels to our group. Best lunch ever!!

The ultimate memory was watching, experiencing and remembering the massive waves on the Sea of Galilee. Crazy 12-14’ waves!!  We were at the right place at the right time!  

Kudos to your suggestion to bring lots of $1’s.  We went through a lot of them. Best tip ever. 

So glad we closed with Petra.  It was so visual and moving.  At that point in our tour, our auditory capacity was overflowing!!

Our days were packed, many of them lasting 12 + hours. As Malcolm explained,” I’d rather give you too much than not enough!”  However, it would have been nice to have a few hours of free time (end one day at 3pm) to walk around Jerusalem, shop, eat at a local place, talk with locals, etc.  Or, just to have down time away from the group to process everything we had learned. 

This was a physical and mental informational overload trip. I was  concerned about the older folks in our groups who were having trouble sleeping, walking all day, taking all the steps and eating foreign foods. This should probably be disclosed a bit more in your packets. Oh, the tunnel filled with water we could not take because we did not understand it was 3’ deep and you needed water shoes.  If we had only known! More disclosure in that too, please!    

Barb and Jim Mcgeough 

Barb and Jim Mcgeough

Hi Jennie,

First, we want to thank you again for all of your work and assistance in getting us all to Israel--and back home again. :) It was, as expected, the trip of a lifetime. We are so thankful for Brian and his amazing knowledge of and love for Israel. His perspective was instrumental in our understanding of what we were seeing, the significance and therefore, the meaning in all that we were able to observe. I'm writing this email on Easter night and I we can honestly say that this year's Good Friday and Easter services had extra-special meaning, as we were able to PICTURE the sites being described and really enter into those last days of Christ in a way that we would never have been able to do without seeing Israel. 

Wow; our favorite site? So difficult to say, as we saw SO much. I think at the beginning of the trip, when we went to Gergasa it was the first time I really felt that JESUS WAS HERE. Hearing how the scripture matched the geography and the archaeology in a way that gives confidence that this WAS the spot where Jesus cured the demoniac was just overwhelming. Throughout the trip, we were in spots where we are confident Jesus walked; just amazing. It was also incredibly impactful to see the holding cell in Caiphus' house and to be able to picture Jesus on the Mt of Olives, waiting for Judas and the soldiers to come bring him back into Jerusalem to start the process that led to his crucifiction and resurrection. 

As far as the food, it's difficult to say. We had the same lunch, literally, every day. I enjoy falafel and shawarma so it wasn't a problem, but it might be helpful to offer some variety. At the buffets, we had amazing food, but not all of them had the food labeled, so we didn't know what we were eating. What would be really helpful would be to have an "intro" course to what will be offered and how the locals would eat it. I was surprised one day when I thought I was combining some things for breakfast as a local might, and the server said, "hmmm, I'll have to try that." I wondered how he would eat what was being offered!

We really appreciated everything. If we had one suggestion for future groups it would be to allow some time to process all that's being seen and factor in some short breaks. We thought the evening meetings would be a time to process but they often turned into times of more information. It was all terrific but it really was a bit overwhelming, at times. 

Thank you again and, again, we are so glad we did the trip and feel so blessed to have been where Christ walked. 

June & Chuck Cassell

Dr. Widbin Group June & Chuck Cassell

Hi, Jennie

It was such a GREAT RICH experience not only the history, people, culture, weather.   Dr Widbin is absolutely fabulous brininging with him not only the passion of the land, culture, deapth of the bible, but history and touch of his personal transformation journey here over past 30+years.  It is just amazing.   WE cannot more thankful and priviledged for haiving him leading some - someone so scholar as he is, experienced, but also passion in this.  He breaths, walks, talks GOD's words (bible) everywhere.    

There were a few very crowded places, that my hubby and I always wear mask, most did not, also airport of the long wait, might have exposed someone ot the virus.  However, all w mild sx. and we were blessed that we were all tested NEG when going there thus traveled as a group together. Also, people should be proud of being that initial piorneer group to be there during lent right after Israel got opened up.   Food, hotels were all great.  Bus, security  Younis / Waleed are great old friends.    It was a journey life time experience that sure transform and stick w. you for life.    


Pam (and YuYuan) Dr. Widbin Group

Dear Jennie,

First, thank you for all your time, service and advice! I know I was probably one of your most needy clients. We never left the continent before and I felt vulnerable in the things I did not know, especially traveling with four of us (my husband and two sons). So thank you so very much for your patience, time, encouragement, and advice.

My favorite part of the pilgrimage was the undeniable presence of God. We felt we were in the hands of our Father, God and Great Savior, Jesus Christ, throughout the whole experience. He gifted to us the blessings and wisdom of HIS appointed Shepered, Dr. Widbin, who is loved by all those who know him in both countries here in the US and abroad in Isreal. Thanks to God and HIS appointed Shepered, Dr. Widbin we were treated like royalty. No need or want went unmet. We were made to feel not only welcome but loved by all those that attended to us: Eunice the bus driver, Williet, the security attendant, all the hosts at the hotels, the chefs and waiters and waitresses at the dinning halls and restaurants and even the staff at all the national parks, museums, shops and Holy sites treated us like family. When they see Dr. Widbin, they all know him, respect him and honor him with a consistent courtesy that made us all feel so welcome, blessed and grateful to God. We feel so grateful to Dr. Widbin and to all those who shared there kindness to us. We experienced a genuine kindness from every single person we encountered. It truly felt like the greatest blessing from God.

It is hard to determine a favorite site or place because every where we went was so incredibly inspirational, beautiful and a blessed experience. The sermon on the mount, the place of the demoniac, the waddi where David hid from Soul, The valley of the battle field of David, King Herods palaces and that of his son, Agrippa. The birth place of Jesus, Bethlehem, Jericho, and Holy Sites of Jerusalem: the garden of Gethsemane, the western wall, the Eastern gate, the dome of the rock, all of the museums. Wow! Just wow!

All of it was glorious! Dr. Widbin taught us how to sing hymns in Hebrew and we prayed daily on the bus together. The bodies of water in the desert are glorious. The beaches on the Mediterranean are beautiful, the boat ride on the sea of Galilee was a spiritual experience of praise, gratitude and glory to God as we sang and danced in the place Jesus walked on the water. The healing properties of the mud, salt and water of the Dead Sea are still appreciated by our skin and joints. How blessed are we to experience the blessing of the baptismal waters of the Jordan River at the loving hands of God's appointed Shepered, Dr. Widbin. The sharing of a Holy Super and communion together is to forever be cherished.

It was all a glorious experience! Thank you so very much for your part in making it possible. We are forever grateful to our Father in Heaven and to HIS Sacred Son and to Dr. Widbin for this once in a lifetime experience.

God Bless you and your team.

Sincerely Grateful to all.

In Christ,

Tara, Robert, Thomas and Liam

Dr. Widbin Group Goodwill Church

Shay I can't tell you how absolutely great it was. I know God had plans for me to be here. The devil made a great attempt to steal my joy. But God reigns.

Fotey our guide is a true gift from God. His knowledge and his heart are more than words can describe. I hope and pray he never loses his heart and his love for our father. Because without that his knowledge and his words mean nothing. What a blessing he was. Even though I don't know your face you also have been a great blessing and you were my comfort when i needed it the most. And i thank you. 

I feel and I know that I am truly part of a bigger picture and I know I now I have a much bigger family. I have ended this trip with a heart that is full.

Marantha family will be in my prayers.

Thank you

DeHondt/Mills Maranatha Group to Israel

It was beyond better than my expectations! I have gone to Israel before but this trip was far better! Our guide, Aron Salamon, was so incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about everything we saw. He taught continuously, and we learned so much. I loved that he wanted us to learn the history about Israel, but brought in the current things we need to know about. It was a great trip! Thank you to all who helped to make this trip so memorable!

Connie Cunningham Israel Tour

Hi Jennie,

First, thank you so much for your good work and service in organizing this trip. It was really well planned and your constant availability to help was very much appreciated!

My favorite sight and most meaningful experience was visiting the area by the Sea of Galilee where Jesus and Peter had their interaction after Jesus’ resurrection. This is recorded in John 21. The reason it is meaningful to me is that I heard a message on this interaction when I was a young Christian. In listening to the sermon on this interaction if Peter loved Jesus, the Lord spoke clearly to me about “giving my life to people”. And then on this trip, here I was standing in the very approximate place where this real interaction took place between Peter and Jesus and the Lord spoke to me personally in a church many years later based on this interaction. Very special and meaningful.

Regarding Food. I enjoyed all the amazing buffets. As I don’t usually eat cheese for mild dietary reasons, I did really enjoy the excellent choices of cheeses to eat on this trip!

Impactful Bible teaching most brought to life: As I wrote above, the location by the Sea of Galilee where Jesus and Peter interacted in John 21. I especially enjoyed all the places where there was some certainty where something happened: Sea of Galilee; Capernaum, Engedi; Jericho, Gethsemane; Home of the high priest; Pool of Behsaida, Empty tomb etc. But I especially enjoyed Jim Colledges’s sharing at the Garden of Gethsemane on Jesus taking on God’s wrath for my sins on the cross.

Regarding my favorite photo, couldn’t find it….but attached is one taken at the museum of Israel.

Thanks again Jennie for your great work in making this a wonderful, memorable and amazing trip.

Yours sincerely,

Jim Getz

Jim Getz / Dr. Jim Colledge Group

Hi Jennie,

It was an amazing trip and one we will not forget. Thanks for all your hard work at your end to help make this trip happen!!

To answer your questions:

1. There were many spiritual high moments on this pilgrimage, but Keith and I got re-baptized in the Jordan, so it was definitely a highlight for us.

1.A. Our favorite site was being on the boat on the Sea of Galilee. Being on the very body of water that Jesus walked on, calmed and did so many miracles around.

2. As for an exciting food, well, we couldn't call it an exciting food but definitely an interesting one....In the hotel in Jerusalem, the meals each evening were delicious and they served a lot of wonderful dishes...but one in particular stands out.....turkey testicles. Not a fan favorite that is for sure, but something we won't soon forget.

3. There were so many amazing teachings throughout the 8 days we were with Pastor Jim Colledge, but one that stands out for both of us is the teaching by the Sanctuary of the Primacy. He was talking about the story of Jesus appearing to Peter, John and some of the other disciples. In John 21, Jesus greets the fisherman with breakfast cooking over the fire and Jesus asks Peter 3 times if he loves Him and with each affirmation, Jesus commands him to care for and feed His sheep. This reminds Peter of the 3 times he denied Jesus, but loviingly Jesus uses this painful trigger to draw him closer, restoring Peter. What a beautiful picture of the love of Jesus that He draws us to Him even in painful situations, with the goal of restoration.

Thank you again for your part in making this trip of a lifetime happen.

In Christ,

Keith and Sue

Keith and Sue March / Jim Colledge Group

Dear Maranatha Tours,

                Here I sit exactly 1 month to the day since our tour began of the Holy Lands. To be honest, I am still unpacking all of the things that we saw and experienced. I had so many questions that the LORD alone could answer about why we had been delayed so many times (7 in all) and why we could not go. All of my questions were given joyful and satisfactory answers. I wanted to thank Maranatha especially for all of the help that you gave to me and my family with the trips as well as the constant moving and working to get my son and my wife overseas. I am awe-stounded as to the work you did, effort and genuine ministry that you put into my family. I am sure there are several great tour companies that serve the Holy Land, but as for me and my house we will ONLY use Maranatha. Even as I write this I am already scheduled for another return trip that is taking on larger proportions than the one I just returned from.

                For me, the major goal that I wanted for my family was to impact my son and my wife in such a way that their faith would be strengthened for the experiences that are coming. My son is 18 years old and I was fearful for him because so many young people move out into the world and their faith becomes damaged by temptation and false teaching. What can a parent do to make their child as prepared as possible to face a world that is against Jesus? I think all we can do is raise them in a Christian home, live out real faith before them and then let them stand where Jesus stood and see where He did His work. My son says that the Garden Tomb was the most powerful part of the trip for him. I saw God touch him there. My prayers were answered by the obvious impact that Jesus did to him and the work that Maranatha did to make sure that my son got to experience it. I can never express enough thanks or appreciation in any form to equal what Maranatha Tours has done for my family.

                There were complications and my oldest son was not able to join us on our trip of July ’21. Maranatha Tours moved his trip to October 2022 without a hesitation. They are already looking out for my oldest son. To bless a parent simply bless their child. I am convinced that it was Jesus guiding me to Maranatha when I took my very first trip. I will always go with them when I can.

                There is a lot of talk about the dangers in the Middle East. I can HONESTLY say that I never felt ANY danger of any kind whether from Covid19 or from violence or from a national conflict or from any other situation that may have arisen. The parts closest to my heart (except for my oldest son) were with me as I traveled. Maranatha Tours made sure of a safe, fun and life changing trip, even when we went to areas where they are notorious for trouble, the people greeted us warmly and chanted “USA, USA… etc”. We were well protected.

               Not only would I recommend Maranatha Tours, I have done so on dozens of occasions. I am already scheduled for my return trip in October 2022!

Thank you!!!

Bro. Randy G. Beals

Pastor, New Haven Baptist Church of Milan TN.

Pastor Randy Beals

This was my first visit to the Holy Land. The flights on Turkish Air Lines were excellent. We had excellent tour guides in Israel, Jordan and Istanbul. The hotels were all pleasant with excellent dining.  The water bottles provided during the long bus trips were greatly appreciated.  Every single day was well planned with an abundance of sites to see.  I felt that all details of the trip were planned very carefully and everything fell in place at exactly the right time.  Thank you Maranatha for a wonderful once in a lifetime tour.

Carol Adkins / Dr. Tom McKnight Group

Dear Maranatha Tours,
Your company has put together one the best things I have ever experienced. I am very thankful for the trip of a life you made possible for me to enjoy and to be educated at the same time. I always dreamed about going to Israel and confirming my dreams, was more than I expected.

It was well organized and every day activity was outlined in the booklet or by the tour guide personnel. Malcolm and his staff were awesome. Malcolm is well educated about the place and most of all he was informative and patient. Thank God for people like him. His bus driver was humble and friendly. The hotel personnel was helpful in every way possible in the dining room and made sure I was please and comfortable.

I appreciated all that they and I want to thank each and every one in your staff for they all came together to make this possible for me. Thank you again and again.

I am yours truly,

Norma Summer

Hello Shay,

I trust you are doing well, and that you and your loved ones are enjoying this holiday season. I wanted to take a moment to write you and the Maranatha Tours team a note, on behalf of myself and my mother, to say THANK YOU!

Thank you so very much allowing us the incredible privilege of taking this trip to Israel; it was absolutely life changing. There were so many great memories and moments that edified our faith in Christ that it would take me a book to write them all down. Again, thank you.

I also want to say that you have an amazing staff, both states side and in Israel. From the initial contact and trip reservation, to the time we arrived back home. We felt safe, cared for, and always well tended to with incredible excellence and professionalism. I already have, and will continue to recommend Maranatha Tours to anybody who ever wants to take a trip to the Holy Land. And at some point in the future, I look forward to going back with a group of friends so they can also have this amazing experience.

So once again, and from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! May the Lord continue to bless you, your team, and your entire company in multiplied ways!

Merry Christmas,

Shelley J. Quinn

I was a member of the group of 39 from Robinson/Effingham organized by Jeff Michael.

What a wonderful trip!

The weather was perfect, food different, but good, accommodations nice, and we all traveled as a family that blended well together.

The itinerary was hectic, but so meaningful. My head is spinning with all of the information and experiences given to us by our guide.

There is so much history there that it made us realize how young and fortunate our country really is. To be in the land where Jesus lived and died is a once in a lifetime experience.

The guide’s name was Heidi (I don’t the last name) and the information and experiences she gave us were incredible. She showed no prejudices as she presented the different cultures, religions, and politics, which to me is the sign of a good guide who represents her country well.

She is originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and was pleased to have a Midwestern American group. It was good to hear her speaking Hebrew when needed.  She also speaks German and Italian so guides many different groups. I recommend  that Heidi will be a guide that Maranatha Tours continues to use.

Our bus driver was also phenomenal!  The traffic in Israel/Palestine is nothing like here.  The constant sounds of horns is expected.  Our driver managed to get us safely through some very interesting situations.

I just wanted to thank Maranatha Tours for providing such a rewarding experience .I would strongly recommend this trip to anyone


Theresa Mills


We want to thank Maranatha Tours for the trip we took in May.  It was both exciting and eye opening.  We never thought it would, as you say, “See the bible in living color”.  The awesomeness of the pyramids and the grandeur of Petra were amazing.  But living the bible in Israel was the most exiting of all.  So many sights to see that are mentioned in the scriptures brings the truth that Jesus was there and that the Jews own their God given land.  Even though Israel has been having their own problems with the so called Palestinians, we were simple safe at every turn and every day of our adventure. The first night in Tiberias had a street celebration with bands, singers, dancers, and even fireworks.  It was a tremendous show of unity amongst the people there.  Safety was not an issue, just celebrate.

  With Malcolm as our guide, one who has guided Christians for 45 years, we were filled with moment by moment of scripture pertaining to where we were standing and a lesson from a Godly man.  His knowledge of the bible and interpretation gave us new insight of what we have been reading for years.  To actually be there was beyond comprehension. We took over 700 pictures on this trip and I was able to take nearly 10 hours of video which I have put on DVDs.  I share them with other Christians so they can get a glimpse of the land of God’s chosen people.  Malcolm was gracious to let me record many times of his short sermons as we traversed throughout Israel. This was a special trip as we were early celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary.

  Though we may not be able to go to Israel again, it is the most memorable trip we have ever taken, even out does all our cruises in so many other parts of the world.  My only disappointments are few.  I wish the trip was a few days longer and were able to see the holocaust museum and the 9/11 memorial that Israel had built in honor of those who lost their lives during those tragedies.   All in all, Maranatha Tours did an excellent job in preparation and execution of our day to day schedule including hotels, meals, busses and drivers with Malcolm keeping all of us glued to his every word.

Not Specified


We just returned from our Mediterranean cruise and Rome pre and post cruise tour. This cruise was originally planned by Bob Anderson from Master’s Tours. The cruise was wonderful. I also want to let you know how much we appreciated our Rome tour guide Simona Polidori. She met us at the Rome (FCO) airport, accompanied us to the hotel, and stayed with us until we boarded ship in Civitavecchia Italy.

When we returned from the cruise, she met us at the port in Civitgavecchia and again stayed with us to the hotel in Rome and to the airport when we departed. She stayed to help us with boarding, especially helpful with those in wheelchairs who needed special assistance. She was absolutely wonderful and in my experience she is the best tour guide I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone.


Dean and Rachel King

Dear Maranatha Tours,
I would like to Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime as the Israel tour we just returned from was Excellent in so many ways.

After we signed up and we received our Itinerary, we gathered a group of ladies from our church, split up the sites and did an in depth study through the bible on each one. We came together every 2 weeks for 5 months to complete each location we were to visit. The study included videos from all over, including Joel Kramer, Previous Maranatha tours and much more. We also attended the 4 (missed one due to a change in weather) classes Eric held and two of the evenings with Joel when he was in SLC, and at our churches. We also purchased Jodi Magness’ Great Course series. I believed we were Over Studied and wouldn’t get much out of the trip. Boy, were we wrong. The sites we saw, the history, current events, language, politics, religions, archeology, our Jewish speaker… so much more information we couldn’t have gotten any other way. We were a happy, well informed group.

The Prep work, the 50 day Prayer and study guide we also did, and, seriously, praying for each person and all of our circumstances each day was a blessing, I believe that every day was blessed because of our prayers.

The concern of both Eric and Bill for each of us, at each site, gathering as much information as possible, the concern of the knowledge from our tour guide, Andre and the expert handling of the bus by Azam was beyond all expectations. I have gone on tours like this previously. I have also put tours together for our private travels, our Harley travelers, and many people coming to stay in our home from around the country, and the world. Being seasoned, I understand the behind the scenes work it takes.

The professionalism of each person during the trip, the individual and corporate care was obvious and unlike any other trip I have experienced. Just, WOW.
We thank you for the opportunity to pray, to worship, to do devotionals, to have baptisms, to eat good food, sleep in nice beds and for overall taking care of a large group with love and In His Name.

God Bless,

Sue and Craig Stahle

Jennifer, Shay and Terri,

I want to thanks you so much for planning our Israel tour and putting everything together for me. I know there was a lot of work you had to put in with itinerary changes, people dropping out, and constant tweaks. I appreciate your patience and willingness to serve…I have never worked with an organization/group that has a heart like you guys. I could never thank you enough for what you did. This last trip was by far the best experience I had in Israel, which speaks volumes about your commitment to Maranatha Tours.
Thanks again.

Roger Dayton

My friend Duane and I weren’t quite sure what to do for a trip to Israel. We knew that Maranatha had a good name and did a lot of tours so we figured that was the way to go. I was very impressed with the trip we took to Israel a few weeks ago. Everything was done well. Our driver Walied was a great guy and amazing driver. I’d never try to put a bus into places he did. I cannot say enough good things about our tour guide Roman. He did such an excellent job. After coming home and talking with other people who have gone on previous tours I have grown to appreciate Roman even more. His faith and personality and knowledge of the land were all top notch.

Thank you

Brian Hotrum

Dear Jennifer, Greg and Shay,
I just want to take a moment and extend my appreciation to you, staff of Maranatha Tours, our tour guide in Israel, Malcom and driver, Mohammed. As exhausted as our group was coming back home to U.S they expressed a great appreciation for what they learned and experienced in Israel. As one of our group members shared with me in his email, “I never imagined we could cover so much of Israel, see and visit so many sites and Holy places, see the archeological sites under Jerusalem and get the background on the region and the history of Judaism. Again it was the “trip of a lifetime” and a blessing.”
Thank you for your professionalism and hard work, making our trip and experience one to remember!

God bless you all!

Pastor Farzad Nourian

Dear Greg,

I just watched the Gethsemane video clip and relived my March 2013 experience.  I remember the old gnarled olive trees.  If they could only speak!  My trip to Israel was a life-changing experience.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I learned so much.  I’d do it again as soon as it becomes possible.  As I continue to read my Bible I feel the need to revisit and heighten my appreciation for the land where my Lord lived while on earth.  The Bible really comes alive after visiting Israel.  Just one simple way is to recollect the large shrub covered with yellow flowers produced from the tiny mustard seed.  When we crossed the Adam bridge, our host mentioned the Jericho crossing.  I had never before noticed the name Adam in the book of Joshua!  Now I never miss it!  Sailing on the Sea of Galilee was unforgettable.  Walking on the Via Dolorosa was a pensive journey and the Empty Tomb brought a feeling of exhilaration.  There were so many places that brought my Bible alive – too many to mention. Even as I write memories are flooding my mind.  As I said, I would go again.