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What our passengers are saying.

Casillas testimonial


The entire tour was amazing, and the tour guide, Malcome Cartier, super amazing…!!!

All of the tour was a Life-Changing experience… However the most impactful was when we went under the Rabbi’s Tunnel and were below  the Holy of Holies and a group of women were praying… Just not praying, but virtually in tears praying, I could feel them praying as I walked by slowly.  I took a picture in my heart because I wanted to never forget them praying.  I told myself, I want to learn how to pray like that… As I walked by, I could feel God’s presence, see his face, and hear his voice…

While on the sea of Galilee, I couldn’t believe how still and calm and beautiful the lake was and I could not fathom 15-foot waves like in the ocean… At 2:00 AM, I heard loud howling noises and when I looked out my room window in Tiberias, the trees were sideways, the waives were 15-feet high like a hurricane ocean on the east coast… The lake no longer looked like Lake Tahoe, but the Pacific or Atlantic ocean…

We ate a fish whole from the sea of Galilee, I’ve never done that… After being on the Sea and signing and praising…

In Christ,


May 2022
Sincerely, Nighisti testimonial

I don’t know where to start, I want to say thank you from small to big work, planing and organizing, from single to groups well done and I very much appreciate it. 

      In my life there are so many blessings that I take accountable for, I came from Eritrea as a lottery winner to United States of America and now I am an American citizen going as tourist to the Holy land with amazing pastors and American people which is an amazing blessing in my lifetime.

 There is nothing I can compare from hotels to places and devotions every day that I had. God is good, he blessed us with a lot of memories and teachings that stay forever in my brain, May God bless the people that keep the Bible story alive and my wishes to generations to know about the amazing bible story.

Sincerely, Nighisti

Sincerely, Nighisti
May 2022
Barb and Jim Mcgeough  testimonial

Where do I start?  My husband and I were on the blue bus and we were blessed to have Malcom as our tour guide!  What an encyclopedia of knowledge in one man!! I loved this man. Best tour guide ever for bringing the Bible to life, the history, the culture, the language, etc!!

Our all time favorite lunch was the Bethlehem  pre-made, super delicious and highly efficient feeding of falafels to our group. Best lunch ever!!

The ultimate memory was watching, experiencing and remembering the massive waves on the Sea of Galilee. Crazy 12-14’ waves!!  We were at the right place at the right time!  

Kudos to your suggestion to bring lots of $1’s.  We went through a lot of them. Best tip ever. 

So glad we closed with Petra.  It was so visual and moving.  At that point in our tour, our auditory capacity was overflowing!!

Our days were packed, many of them lasting 12 + hours. As Malcolm explained,” I’d rather give you too much than not enough!”  However, it would have been nice to have a few hours of free time (end one day at 3pm) to walk around Jerusalem, shop, eat at a local place, talk with locals, etc.  Or, just to have down time away from the group to process everything we had learned. 

This was a physical and mental informational overload trip. I was  concerned about the older folks in our groups who were having trouble sleeping, walking all day, taking all the steps and eating foreign foods. This should probably be disclosed a bit more in your packets. Oh, the tunnel filled with water we could not take because we did not understand it was 3’ deep and you needed water shoes.  If we had only known! More disclosure in that too, please!    

Barb and Jim Mcgeough 

Barb and Jim Mcgeough
May 2022
Dr. Widbin Group June & Chuck Cassell testimonial

Hi Jennie,

First, we want to thank you again for all of your work and assistance in getting us all to Israel--and back home again. :) It was, as expected, the trip of a lifetime. We are so thankful for Brian and his amazing knowledge of and love for Israel. His perspective was instrumental in our understanding of what we were seeing, the significance and therefore, the meaning in all that we were able to observe. I'm writing this email on Easter night and I we can honestly say that this year's Good Friday and Easter services had extra-special meaning, as we were able to PICTURE the sites being described and really enter into those last days of Christ in a way that we would never have been able to do without seeing Israel. 

Wow; our favorite site? So difficult to say, as we saw SO much. I think at the beginning of the trip, when we went to Gergasa it was the first time I really felt that JESUS WAS HERE. Hearing how the scripture matched the geography and the archaeology in a way that gives confidence that this WAS the spot where Jesus cured the demoniac was just overwhelming. Throughout the trip, we were in spots where we are confident Jesus walked; just amazing. It was also incredibly impactful to see the holding cell in Caiphus' house and to be able to picture Jesus on the Mt of Olives, waiting for Judas and the soldiers to come bring him back into Jerusalem to start the process that led to his crucifiction and resurrection. 

As far as the food, it's difficult to say. We had the same lunch, literally, every day. I enjoy falafel and shawarma so it wasn't a problem, but it might be helpful to offer some variety. At the buffets, we had amazing food, but not all of them had the food labeled, so we didn't know what we were eating. What would be really helpful would be to have an "intro" course to what will be offered and how the locals would eat it. I was surprised one day when I thought I was combining some things for breakfast as a local might, and the server said, "hmmm, I'll have to try that." I wondered how he would eat what was being offered!

We really appreciated everything. If we had one suggestion for future groups it would be to allow some time to process all that's being seen and factor in some short breaks. We thought the evening meetings would be a time to process but they often turned into times of more information. It was all terrific but it really was a bit overwhelming, at times. 

Thank you again and, again, we are so glad we did the trip and feel so blessed to have been where Christ walked. 

June & Chuck Cassell

Dr. Widbin Group June & Chuck Cassell
March 2022
Pam (and YuYuan) Dr. Widbin Group  testimonial

Hi, Jennie

It was such a GREAT RICH experience not only the history, people, culture, weather.   Dr Widbin is absolutely fabulous brininging with him not only the passion of the land, culture, deapth of the bible, but history and touch of his personal transformation journey here over past 30+years.  It is just amazing.   WE cannot more thankful and priviledged for haiving him leading some - someone so scholar as he is, experienced, but also passion in this.  He breaths, walks, talks GOD's words (bible) everywhere.    

There were a few very crowded places, that my hubby and I always wear mask, most did not, also airport of the long wait, might have exposed someone ot the virus.  However, all w mild sx. and we were blessed that we were all tested NEG when going there thus traveled as a group together. Also, people should be proud of being that initial piorneer group to be there during lent right after Israel got opened up.   Food, hotels were all great.  Bus, security  Younis / Waleed are great old friends.    It was a journey life time experience that sure transform and stick w. you for life.    


Pam (and YuYuan) Dr. Widbin Group
March 2022