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Fadi Haddad


FADI HADDAD, Biblical Travels’ Jordanian Guide. Here is how our delightful Jordanian guide, Fadi Haddad, describes himself: Born in the northern city of Irbid (ancient Arbila) and living in Amman the capital of Jordan (ancient Amon or Philadelphia ), I grew up with so much history around! The fact that our Lord Jesus lived and taught in my land was always something very special to all the Christians in this land. I was born Christian. Actually, our family tree goes back as far as the 4th century A.D , a time when most of the people in this land were Christians. Born as an Orthodox , married in a Catholic Church and attending Baptist, Evangelist, etc. meetings, I certainly feel like a real Christian!!! My one and only rule: “I am the way, the truth, and the life : no man cometh unto the father but by me.” (John 14:6) I studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Jordan. After graduation I joined Noor Al Hussein Foundation – a foundation headed by H.M Queen Noor (the wife of late King Hussein of Jordan). Spending 5 years with this great foundation, I had the opportunity to see most parts of Jordan besides meeting with H.M Queen Noor and many members of the royal family and their VIP guests. My main mission was designing, implementing and training of projects aimed at the improvement of life of people (especially women) in the countryside of Jordan. Having then decided to study History and Archaeology, I passed the test held by the Ministry of Tourism in Jordan to become a tour guide, obtaining license “A” and the highest result in that exam for that year. Now after some years in this field, the most important thing for me is to say many thanks to people who travel long distances to see my country. I am doing that by letting my guests feel home! “Feeling home, you must know what this home is like, and this is my job!” I am a strong supporter of a just peace between Israel and the Arabs. I was invited in 1995 to accompany a Jordanian peace delegation, organized by the Royal Court, that visited Israel. We had a great chance to meet with late Israel Prime Minister Rabin and to talk with him about peace. We also met many ministers and parliament members in Israel . Finally, we always say to people who are coming to this part of the world: “If you are in the Middle East, don’t miss Jordan. There is so much to see here!” And to people who are visiting Jordan: “We wish that you stay for a longer time; there is many more!”

Ruby Haddad


Ruby is a native-born Jordanian, married to a Palestinian, and both serve as tour guides based in the capital city of Amman. Ruby holds a university degree in chemistry, but early in her career she decided to master English and assist visitors from the West in appreciating the incredible beauty of “The Hashemite Kingdom.”

Ala Abu Amara


My name is Ala’ Abu Amara, 43 years old, I was born in Jordan went around the world but always going back to Jordan. My first university degree was from the University of Jordan as a Literature student, that’s why I started speaking English, then I got many studies in different fields, as a horse owner I studied some veterinary ,Farriery and horse beauty judgment, I am an international horse beauty judge (do you believe it?). I also studied sales and marketing in Atlanta – Georgia in the United States ending with Archaeology and a very intensive high degree in the University of Jordan again to be a tour leader, I got an A degree that means that I can work all over the country, all the sites. I’ve been reading and studying and reading and reading and reading …. that tourists consider ma as a knowledgeable guide, so your group will be in a safe hand touring with me. I wanted to send you a CV but that will be so formal. best regards